Youth - 6th Grade-High School - Educational opportunities range from acting as Church School Assistants and Teachers or creating and participating in the monthly Youth and Children's  Liturgy to assisting in the Liturgy as Acolytes or Lay Readers.

Confirmation Class- All youth grade 9 and above are invited to explore the Confirmation process with Rev. Wong and parish sponsors.

Our emphasis in our Youth Program is engaging our youth where they are and providing an atmosphere where students can know that they matter; where they can be honest, open, heard, and accepted.  We strive to guide our youth to live as a light for Christ, no matter what the cost! 

Youth Activities:

  • Periodic Guest Speaker Nights with Pizza.

  • City Reach: Our youth participate in the overnight outreach program at the Common Cathedral in Boston serving in the homeless mission.

Students Influencing the World:

  • Assisting with tasks associated with our work with the Somerville Homeless Coalition

  • Participating in St. John's Holiday Helpers Program.

  • Assisting with Annual Events such as St. John's hosting Sisters in Stitches: Joined by the Cloth and the Guatemala Aid Fund.