God's Creation and Climate Change - Introduction

Over the last few years St. John's has made a conscious effort to be good stewards of God's gift of creation by taking a number of steps in how our parish operates.  These include:

- Recycling Paper and Disposable Plastics
- Encouraging the use of non-disposable water bottles
- Buying our electric power from green-energy sources
- Using a compost service (Black Earth) for food waste
- Installing LED lights in our building and sanctuary
- Converting to an efficient natural gas boiler for our heat

Inspired by reading Saying Yes to Life, by Ruth Valerio, we have begun finding new ways to practice this stewardship as a parish, in the Arlington community and in our personal lives. We will be sharing some of our action plans and tips here on our website (under the heading of God's Creation and Climate Change in the header bar on the website) and in our regular communications with parishioners.