Our Leadership and Staff

Rector:  The Reverend Diane Wong
Music Director and Organist: Alex Kirstukas
Deacon:  The Reverend Dawn Tesorero
Coordinator of Church School:  Chirusha de Mel
Nursery Assistant: Anna Bilsky-Endo
Parish Administrator:  Susan Brooks

Co-Wardens: Cate Barr and Chrisine Carney
Members of the Vestry:
     Vernon Brown (Treasurer)
     Dorothy Mallam and David Wilcox (Clerks)
     Kermit Argon
     Claire Walker

Alewife Deanery Delegates:
Emelia Blankson
     Louie Steptoe
Alewife Deanery Co-Convener:
     Anson Stewart
Diocesan Delegates:
 Frank Foster
     Phil Killewald